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Calvin and Hobbes
I wish I was going to school for something..
Photography, writing, addictions counseling.. law.. a lot of things have always interested me which is why I have always been so hesitant.. I dont want to waste my money. And I know the whole, getting any education isnt wasting money. but I disagree.. I dont want to waste my life getting stressed out about doing something I am not interested in or pleased by.

I wish I had a tree that grew money on its branches so I could do and learn everything I wanted to.

stupid expensive education system..

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You could always go to community college or an institution for a specific skill set, go for two years, and have some experience under your belt.

I wouldn't worry about it, though, love. Photography. Writing. etc. You don't need a degree for those things. You should go to school if there's something you have a real passion for - like counseling. Get a degree in Psych maybe? Become a school counsellor. (I could see you doing that very easily. It would suit you.)
You're a very bright gal. I'm sure you'll excel in whatever you decide to do.

aww thank you, you are awesome!!

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