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New blog action
I have made a new blog! Its fancy!
It will be a lot of honesty. I mean here on lj I am brutally honest, but its with a close number of friends.. and my mom. haha This is a public blog though.. my new one that is. So I am hoping to be more relatable and honest to the public masses. Though I am sure there won't be any public masses swarming to my blog.. but its the thought that counts ;)

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It is bookmarked! I will read.

And by the way, I also have your flickr account bookmarked, and I check it every day as part of my daily internet to-do list, and I am disappointed with how rarely you put new pictures up. Weren't you originally going to try for a new picture every day or something like that? But I know you're busy.
P.S. Love the pictures of Mariella at the acquarium.

Yes I am severely disappointed with myself and my flickr lately. Since moving I havn't been keeping up with my 365 at all :(
As soon as I get over the cold I have right now though I will get back to it. Ben downloaded a great new photoshop program for me so I can't let it go to waste!

I shall add you!
How did you go about making your domain name? I'm interesting in turning my food blog into just its name (without the portion), and I'm okay with paying a small amount each month, etc. But I'm not sure the best way to go about it.

the site we used to to yes buy the domain name was
There you can look it up and also make sure no one else is using it!

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