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New blog action
I have made a new blog! Its fancy! http://birdiesandbees.com/
It will be a lot of honesty. I mean here on lj I am brutally honest, but its with a close number of friends.. and my mom. haha This is a public blog though.. my new one that is. So I am hoping to be more relatable and honest to the public masses. Though I am sure there won't be any public masses swarming to my blog.. but its the thought that counts ;)


Oh this Christmas will be so fun!! ...and probably completely exhausting, but I shall choose to ignore that part.

I am so excited to watch Elli open all her presents and play in the paper and get all strung out on sugar and crash!! ohhhh joy joy!! Man I hope we all sleep tonight.

Have a super day celebrating JESUS'S BIRTHDAY!!!! (heeeee heeee heeeeeee)

you will either love or hate this
But either way.. you will appreciate the creativity.


i know i dont like music
But I love hawksley workman. and this is my new fav song. check it out, its beautiful and i think i will use it for our wedding!

baby you're
You're drunk and acting tough
I know you're sad
You're not the only one who feels like that now.

And maybe anger is your only choice
But maybe heart and fist and human voice
Might be the better way
Be the way.

Cause we, we will still need a song
To carry our love away.
To carry it away.
We will still need a song
To carry our hearts away.
To carry them away.

Don't let another tear be in your eyes
We can die in peace knowing we tried
To change our own ways.

The poets let a generation down
And modern music could be the healing sound
It's the only way.
Only way.

Cause we, we will still need a song
To carry our love away.
To carry it away.
We will still need a song
To dance on our wedding day
To carry it away.

And we will still need a song(we will still need)
To carry ourselves(to carry ourselves)
To carry ourselves

And we, we will still need a song
To carry our hearts away.
To carry them away.
We will still need a song
To dance on our wedding day
To carry it away.

Last chance..........

in so much paaaaaaaaaaiiin
my comfort zone
So I dont know what I did... I think it was maybe pulling the amazingly old garage door open yesterday, but i cant even move my left arm today. and it hurts all down my side. WAAAAIIIIIII uhg.

in other news, I have basically only eaten lucky charms for 2 days,... and my belly is happy and full of bright colourful charmyness.

also, i want to make a short film.. one of those many picture ones where its all herky jerky and cute. I am excited about this idea

The tale of Mr. Humphreys and the girl
OK I figured it out! Here it is guys, its long, will take the average reader about 10-15 min and please give me your feedback! Both happy and critical!
Thanks and I hope you enjoy. Keep in mind I wrote this with an 80 yr old stuck in my headFor my GramaCollapse )

Calvin and Hobbes
I wish I was going to school for something..
Photography, writing, addictions counseling.. law.. a lot of things have always interested me which is why I have always been so hesitant.. I dont want to waste my money. And I know the whole, getting any education isnt wasting money. but I disagree.. I dont want to waste my life getting stressed out about doing something I am not interested in or pleased by.

I wish I had a tree that grew money on its branches so I could do and learn everything I wanted to.

stupid expensive education system..

cake and wine
I told Ben today that I wish are evenings were prettier.

I want to spend them this way:

picture this..

I bake a cake during the day, frost it with white light rich frosting, and decorate it with berries and fruit.

In the late afternoon Ben would come home from work, and we would take a small table to a park with a field, cover the table with a cloth, and put the cake, some glasses and some wine or sparkling orange juice on the table, and sit and watch the shadows get longer, and the children and their parents leave the park and head home. mmhmm this is my wish for our evenings.

New pictures
New pictures on teh Flickr!


Writer's Block: Casting couch
If your life was made into a movie, who would you want to play the leading role? What about the other major characters in your life?

may as well..

I would want Zooey Deschanel to play me. Because I love her. love.

other main characters ehhhh?? hmmm
well my hubby would have to be studly, and funny.. but also unexpected.. lets saaaaay Tom selleck. Because I love him even more then Zooey. more then most things and people actually. [side note, in real life Zooey is married to a benjamin. which makes this awesome]

My child would have to be Dakota Fanning. because she is blonde, smart and gorgeous.

and my mom would be courtney cox. because she is kinda loud and obnoxious, but loving and loyal.